Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not about writing, but just as important

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to my blog but I do have a reason.

For those who have never suffered from autoimmune disease, count your blessings. Let me start from the beginning.

I’ve had a very active imagination since early childhood. The writer (me) weaves from their imagination the stories these characters wants to tell. Some find it strange when I say, my characters tell me their story and I’m simply the instrument in which these stories are told. When the story or novel is finished I find it hard to let them go back into the abyss then my active imagination would kick in to find another group of characters waiting in the wings to tell their story.

I could sit for hours at my computer strolling along the pages with my characters creating their story. If I put something in the story that should not be there, I couldn’t go any further until I changed it to what they wanted it to be.

Did I write these novels for publishing? Being published or finding an agent is something every writer, I believe, dreams of. But, being published was the last thing on my mind when composing these stories. I was so entertained by these characters I simply enjoyed plunking down their stories.

All this ended in 2003, or maybe 2002 let me explain.

My husband retired from General Motors October 2001. The home invasion happened April 2002. It was horrible and that’s putting it mildly. When a woman is forced to do the things I was forced to do in front of my husband, OH MY GOD! Even now I can’t write about this due to the fact my brain simply shuts down and won’t allow me to go back to that time.

Anyway, did that trauma activate my autoimmune? I have no idea but I am thankful to report these young men are in prison for the rest of their lives, yes they were caught all but one the same night of the invasion and he was caught the next day.

We sold that house in 2003 and had this beautiful house built. I love our new home but soon after moving in I found myself unable to get up and do anything. I was tired beyond belief yet I could not sleep. I never ate, yet my weight continued to go up. Finally I convinced my gastroenterologist that something was wrong because I was never hungry yet my weight continued to increase. By this time I had gained 80 pounds. He drew blood to check my Thyroid and sure enough, there lie the problem, or so I thought. The most the TSH level should have been was 7.50. Mine was up to 27,000.

My primary physician put me on Synthroid that would be the end of my problem, right? Wrong. Every few weeks the Synthroid level was increased yet I could not get my energy back. Then I was sent to an rheumatologist and more blood test were done. This wonderful doctor diagnosed me with Autoimmune Disease and gave a name to my Thyroid, Hashimoto, which can rob a person of many things.
Now I am also under the care of an Endocrinologist doctor because I now have Type 2 Diabetes. But I have taken things into my own hands and found a wonderful doctor who specializes in weight loss and is knowledgeable about all these things wrong with me. I am happy to report that she has taken me off Synthroid and placed me on Armour.

I have so much more to tell but will do this in another posting. Let me know if you are suffering from any of these things and talk to me about it.